Weekend 9-9-12

I stepped outside yesterday and almost went back indoors for a jacket – it was only 75F! I could open the windows! It was kind of amazing. But lest anyone think that fall is here, I have been assured by the weather widget on my phone that it should be back up into the 90s again real soon.

I was thinking about music or specific recordings that I associate with hot weather. The Salzburg version of La Clemenza di Tito is one, because it was summer, a few years ago, when I first watched it. Also Beethoven symphonies, which we used to play loud with the windows open in graduate school, not because of a desire to annoy the neighbors, but because graduate apartment housing had no air conditioning. (Beethoven was also my antidote of choice whenever my neighbors in that apartment, one of those Sturm und Drang type couples, were making love/war/both which was pretty much all the time and was very noisy in either case.)

Anyone else have any strong seasonal associations with specific music?