Weekend 9-15-12: a series of things that probably don’t matter very much

I think this weekend may call for the comfort of the excruciatingly familiar – Don Carlos! But it’s a production I haven’t seen, from the ROH in 2008 with Villazón as Carlos. Or Carlo. Whatever. I love the opera, but I’m inconsistent with that -s. This version is in Italian. I’ve never been sure whether that made a difference to me, Italian versus French. Possibly I should work out whether I have an opinion about this, but I suspect it would be similar to my stance vis-a-vis things like ossias.

And it may well be a good thing to bunker down and not leave the house tomorrow anyhow. Not only is it game day again, but we’re playing a team from Texas that we haven’t played in like forty years or something, and apparently the whole town is full of people from Texas. Now, I like Texas. I have had at least one extremely fun experience in Texas. Nevertheless, I think I will be avoiding campus and vicinity of campus tomorrow. And since that’s basically the whole town, that means I get to stay home and watch Don Carlos.

Also, student overshare of the week:

Student: “The paper is late because I have [lots of other work for other classes that require an amount of time management student was unable to muster] and I had an eye exam yesterday and I couldn’t read for an hour afterwards and I didn’t even have time to take a shower this morning! Can I have til Monday morning?”

Dude, I do not need to know about the shower. Truly, I don’t care. If I can’t smell you from my polite distance of 3-4 feet, and you don’t leave any aromas in my office, it really is kind of a non-issue from my perspective. There is no “sniff test” for paper extensions.

8 thoughts on “Weekend 9-15-12: a series of things that probably don’t matter very much

  1. is dat the one with Maria with Marina Poplavskaya? i really liked her in that one (my first time ever heard her sing). saw that on YT back-to-back to the one in Munich this Jan, and thought i actually liked her version a bit more than Harteros’… or rather they are quite different. for some reason, i’ve never been a fan of Villazón, a matter of personal taste i think… but the way he’s pushing the sound, it always comes off over-doing to my ears


    1. Yep, that’s the one – I’ve heard Poplavskaya sing Donna Anna in that ROH dvd of Don Giovanni from 08, and I liked that very much.

      I don’t have a strong feeling either way about Villazón at this point – I liked his performance with Netrebko in Traviata, the one with the bare stage and the big clock, but I’ve never felt like deliberately seeking out any of his performances. I know what you mean about that ‘over doing it’ sound, too – I hope it’s not too much in evidence on this recording.


  2. LOL! I love the over-sharing comment. As a life-long over-sharer (not about showers, usually) it’s good to get an occasional reminder that there are some things people not only don’t care about, they don’t even WANT to know about!!!


    1. Students can be the worst that way. I’ve heard about issues with parents, nerves re: marriage proposals (I wanted to tell that kid 1. you’re 22! wait a while! and 2. ask your girlfriend herself first, not her dad!), all kinds of things.


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