Weekend 9-22-12

This weekend is going to involve a great deal of sleeping, but in and around that there is a DVD of Don Giovanni that should in theory be in my hands by tomorrow, and failing that . . .

Well, failing that I will regroup and come up with a new plan.

Oh, and one more thing. You know those toys that are little pellets, and if you put them in water they expand into sponges of particular colors and shapes? Like dinosaurs and things? One of my colleagues claimed she had an American Civil War pellet set. I quote: “There’s a blue pellet and a gray pellet.” On being asked by two people including me what the components are – do you get bodies? Pickets? Cannon? Nathan Bedford Forrest? – she said that according to the package you get a few soldiers and a general or something. Part of me thinks she was yanking our collective chain, but the Civil War Sponge Pellet Set is one of those things that is so good it has to be true.

[Addendum: holy shit, I think this is it.]

I WANT PURITAN PELLETS. AND JAMESTOWN PELLETS. AND FUCK IT I ALSO WANT GLORIOUS REVOLUTION AND GREAT AWAKENING PELLETS. ALSO SALEM PELLETS. (Do you think it would be possible to represent a concept like ‘the rise of the Virginian planter elite’ in sponge pellet form?)

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