Thursday insomniac interlude

I woke up at four-thirty yesterday morning and could not go back to sleep. It happens sometimes. Normally I can teach and work adequately on four hours of sleep, although I tend to get a little punchy and silly by mid-afternoon. (Fortunately, I teach in the morning. Also fortunately, I have the sort of job where if you feel like shutting your office door and curling up on the floor for a nap mid-afternoon, no one objects.)

But if one is going to be awake, one might as well enjoy it, I guess. I have found that being awake in the middle of the night often leads to Schubert songs. When I was awake yesterday night/morning I ended up listening to Thomas Quasthoff sing Schubert’s “Songs of the Harper.” I hadn’t listened to this particular performance in a while, and I found I really enjoyed it. Plus, it was a warm night and I had the window open and could hear all the insects and frogs. Not that I want to be up at 4.30 every morning, because I think I would probably die after approximately the second day of that, but it wasn’t a total loss.

2 thoughts on “Thursday insomniac interlude

  1. Heavenly! Thanks for sharing this. I guess I am going to have to break down and buy this whole program.

    I am glad you were up early this am to share this. However, I agree it’s not a good habit to develop. Personally, if I didn’t have to have a “normal” job, I would probably stay up all night and sleep in the day all the time.


    1. I normally go to bed around 11 and get up at 8 or so – or, when I have a 9am class, at 7. I was a night-owl in college, but something happened to my brain later on and I’m not good at staying up late anymore. It’s weird.


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