Weekend 9-29-12

It’s been an interesting week. Student to me after seeing her grade on her paper: “Can I just hug you?” (Expression on my face: “Please don’t.” I mean, I like hugs as much as the next person, but only from people I know well and who are not my students.) And the Insomnia Fairy seems to have busied herself elsewhere, so I actually got some sleep last night.

The weekend’s plan is perhaps a little more Mozart. And Handel. And my other task is to come up with a topic for my undergraduate seminar in the spring. It’s a research seminar for seniors, during the course of which they have to write a 20pp research paper. So it has to be a topic for which primary sources are readily available. But it also has to be fun and should fall between roughly 1500 and 1800 in terms of time period. Anyone got any brilliant ideas?

4 thoughts on “Weekend 9-29-12

    1. Probably should be at least partially American. I’ve been told that as the 17th-century specialist I can cross the Atlantic, but I don’t think I ought to teach a course that’s entirely early modern Europe.


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