Weekend 10-7-12

Well, I tell you one thing, I’m swearing off Così fan tutte for a while. Twice in a row is enough for one month. I need to go listen to Vivaldi or something like that. I actually have a CD of Juditha Triumphans sitting on my table because I pirated the audio from the university library a while back, and then I felt guilty, so I went and bought it, and here it is, so I should listen to it. It’s the King’s Consort version on Hyperion with Murray, Kiehr, Connolly and I forget who else. If I remember correctly, the sound of the thing as a whole is sort of bright and dry and spare, in a good way – but I haven’t listened to it for quite a while.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 10-7-12

    1. I feel another survey coming on: who are we beheading this weekend?

      a) Holofernes
      b) rival samurai
      c) Charles I
      d) Marie Antoinette
      e) vampires
      f) hopes and dreams
      g) other


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