I’m kind of like the Pit of the Sarlacc

I just finished listening to that new Don Giovanni which I have been slowly digesting over about seven days.

5 thoughts on “I’m kind of like the Pit of the Sarlacc

  1. Isn’t seven days like a nanosecond to the digestive system of a sarlacc?

    Nevertheless, we eagerly await your review. You have plenty of time, though, as my copy is currently engaged in a more That Scene in Flash Gordon Where Timothy Dalton Reaches Into the Stump scenario.


      1. Yah, she’s got her most endearing “I know where you keep your brain, and I bet it’s really tasty” look on. But if one carelessly tried to remove that CD, one’s hand would come away in a similar condition to one’s wallet after clicking through to an Arkiv opera sale.

        A bonsai sarlacc that does classical music reviews — Wookiepedia needs an update.


  2. This time you sent ME to the search engine that starts with a G. This is as good a time as any to mention that you’ve spoiled me, as you respond to (nearly) every comment on your blog. Now I expect EVERYone to do that (not many do).

    I watched that Stuttgart Enfuhrung (double-cast) today. (working from home) I love it but was a bit weirded out by the poem at the end. Not by the poem itself, but by its presence. So i am doing some digesting myself.

    I look forward to hearing more of your impressions of the new DG.


    1. The poem in that production of Entfuehrung is definitely a puzzle – I haven’t seen that production in a while, but the poem is sort of creepy, if I remember right. Something about “the black horse that will draw your coffin is in a field somewhere right now”? Looking back I’m still not sure what to make of large portions of that production.

      Re: comment responses – I started off blogging on LiveJournal years ago, and the general etiquette there was that people usually responded to most comments, so it became a habit. Plus, I enjoy it.


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