Weekend 10-21-12

Purcell. Lots of Purcell.

Also, inspired by the concept of the mezzo-cyclone, I found a Frederica von Stade recital CD at the library – looking forward to that too.

10 thoughts on “Weekend 10-21-12

        1. huh, I guess you can’t put the bracket-slash-a-end bracket in comments without it vanishing into the markup æther. That’s what should have gone between “and” and “parts”. Sorry if I’ve wiped the internet.


        2. I don’t think I did. I think WordPress comments only allows a limited range of tags and automatically turns urls into links anyway. I suppose I should experiment chez moi where I can delete stuff.


          1. Lots of Purcell is definitely a good thing – especially when it’s as well executed as the Purcell from Glyndebourne that I’m listening to (the Fairy Queen).

            What was the link supposed to go to?


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