Another Rodelinda on DVD

Just found out that the Met’s production of Handel’s Rodelinda is available on DVD! I saw this live years and years ago – it was my first time hearing Andreas Scholl. And of course Renée Fleming as Rodelinda is no slouch either.

This is the upside to browsing Amazon when I should be writing a talk about Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. I guess I still have to write the talk, though. (Our theater department is performing the play, and so there’s a little university symposium where they bring in people from various fields to talk about it, and since I’m the resident pre-1700 American historian, I got recruited to talk about Puritanism and witchcraft.)

13 thoughts on “Another Rodelinda on DVD

      1. “Years and years ago” was when I saw Felicity Palmer sing Pamina and John Tomlinson was the Second Armed Man in an ENO Magic Flute. Or maybe it was the Peter Grimes/I> with Thomas Allen as Ned Keene, Geraint Evans as Balstrode and a rather bulky Canadian tenor in the title role.


          1. That would definitely be years and years ago! However, I’ve got fewer years to work with. I’ll give you that 2008 isn’t “years and years” ago, but maybe I can put my very first opera trip ever, to La Boheme at the Seattle Opera in 1991 or so, as “years and years” ago? (I was eleven or twelve, and remember pretty much nothing other than the image of a man on stage waiting outside in the snow)


                1. I don’t really recall. It was a long time ago. I remember being very impressed with Geraint Evans and not at all taken by the ursine Canadian; particularly as his ability to look like a Great Bear was rather more impressive than his ability to sing about same.


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