Is it even truly Friday if I know I have to work all weekend?

Turns out our library has a subscription to this online Naxos music library thing, which means I can listen to Patrizia Ciofi sing Meyerbeer when I’m supposed to be working. Not sure this is actually a good idea. (I have not yet succumbed to the temptation to see if this streaming service, erm, plays well with the little program I use to record live concerts broadcast over the internet. Because that would be wrong. Besides, it probably wouldn’t work.)

Also, I’m so tired that I can’t figure out whether this writer’s pen name is an opera reference or not. I’m not sure what it reveals about me that this was the first question that came to mind when I saw the article. (The article could use some editing/proofreading here and there but I’d say the basic point being made is sound.)

8 thoughts on “Is it even truly Friday if I know I have to work all weekend?

  1. No. if you have to work all weekend, Fridays don’t actually exist. I know this because I worked through last weekend, after an 11-hour Friday. However, I must add that I got to “work” from home on Monday and Tuesday (the only bright side of Sandy.)


      1. the upside is Saturday and Sunday were filled with doing church music. It’s still work, but at least it’s work that’s rewarding.


  2. I’d have had that question as well. Perhaps it suggests that the issue itself has been so pervasive for so long that after the first few decades it’s practically wallpaper.


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