Weekend 11-24-12

I still haven’t watched that Rameau DVD I had from last week – I think that once I get home today I will settle down with that. And eventually I will listen to DiDonato’s Drama Queens disc. The recital was so wonderful that part of me wants to put off listening to the recording.

The music was perhaps the high point, but even so, this week has been pretty decent.  I discovered once more the advantages of being a vegetarian at Thanksgiving – basically, you don’t overeat because there isn’t much you can eat, and you still get to experience all the best parts (i.e. cranberry sauce, which I could consume gallons of on its own, and yes, I am aware of how weird this is, but my mother-in-law makes it from scratch, and it’s delicious – and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. And booze.) And my in-laws are nice people, and I have one cousin-in-law who has really awesome tattoos, awesome enough that her tattoos make want to get one of my own, but I have no idea what I’d get. Maybe I’ll hold off on that.

And I am not sure who is ultimately responsible for the appearance of this video, but the entire Salzburg 1995 Le Nozze di Figaro is up on YouTube! The highlight of this for me of course is Röschmann as Susanna, but you also get the added bonus of Susan Graham as Cherubino. I’ve seen bits of this, but never the whole thing – I’m looking forward to enjoying it.  (Video here. Subtitles in German.)

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        1. Nice – I like the design on that.

          My younger brother is pretty much covered in tattoos from shoulder to wrist on both sides, even his hands. He has been telling me that if I ever want one, he knows some really good (and safe, etc.) artists. Maybe one of these days I will go for it.


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