Weekend 11-25-12

I had a moment that was somewhere between Historically Informed Audience and Tired Audience last night – I feel asleep during Rameau’s Les Indes galantes! Lest anyone should think that I blame Rameau for this, rest assured I do not.

The fault lies entirely with my car, which decided to not start when I returned to it after getting back from traveling. I had left it in the parking garage at the airport, as usual, and I guess I must have left an overhead light on, or something, because the battery was completely dead. So, I called someone to jump-start my car – which had to happen twice, because that battery was as dead as a battery can get, and which involved a significant amount of waiting each time – and when I got home, I discovered that my neighbor had moved out, and turned his electricity off, which means that since the pump for our well is hooked up to his electricity (I live in a house that is split into two apartments) I had no water, and so I had to wait for my landlord to come and fix it, which fortunately he could, excellent landlord that he is, and at that point since I had been up since 4 am, I decided that rather than take a nap or go to bed early, it would be a really good idea to watch a DVD of Rameau. These are the types of decisions one makes when one has slept only two hours. I think I clocked out somewhere during the second section – I woke up to a bit about volcanoes. So, I’ll have to take another stab at that one this afternoon, I guess.

(I am feeling rather adversarial toward my car right now. One of my less attractive qualities as a human being is a tendency to lose my temper over the failings of inanimate objects – I had a few moments this morning where I could have strangled that car. Then again, how do you strangle a car? I wouldn’t know what to squeeze, and besides, even if I did, the reaction on the part of the car would be something along the lines of “guess what, asshole – now it’ll take you even longer to get home!”)

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