Weekend 12-1-12

I think the plan for this weekend will be the Kusej version of Die Zauberflöte, from Zurich. I’ve wanted to see this one for a while.

I also have a Don Giovanni from Zurich, with Keenlyside in the title role, which I think is supposed to be really good – I bought it ages ago, put it somewhere, forgot about it, and found it yesterday. This is a sign that I need to clean off my coffee table. You wouldn’t think a 43″x43″ table (that would be 43*2.54=109.22cm each side) could contain that much mayhem, but — well, I guess I am here to tell you that it can.

3 thoughts on “Weekend 12-1-12

  1. I look forward to your reactions to the Magic Flute. Kusej missed a few bits when trying to drain all the humor from the story. I love Ruben Drole as Papageno. I also really like the Third Lady. (She was in something else you reviewed lately.) Maybe between us we can figure out why the Queen of the Night is inside the refrigerator. Oh, as speaking of gratuitous, figuring out why Gabriel Bermudez was shirtless (besides the obvious gratuitousness. I’m not complaining, just wondering.) Ditto the Don Giovanni (I have decided I am not a fan of Eva Mei)


    1. Don Giovanni is not shirtless, at least I don’t think so.. the Ditto was looking forward to your reactions. (I am not convinced by Bechtold’s vision.)


      1. The Queen of the Night in a refrigerator? This sounds both intriguing and possibly annoying – and if Kusej’s production is based on draining the humor from the story, this makes me a little apprehensive in advance.

        Re: Eva Mei – I’ve heard/seen performances of hers that I’ve liked, e.g. as Konstanze, but I’ve seen both positive and negative reactions to her as Donna Anna. We shall see!


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