Weekend 12-2-12

I found out something interesting today. You know Dorothea Röschmann’s recording of Handel’s Nine German Arias? I had thought that that recording was out of print, and I was sad, because it’s nice – but I discovered that it’s actually available as part of a boxed set that contains a lot of other (non-Röschmann-y) goodies as well. This makes me feel better about the world.

On Arkivmusic’s page about the recording, she’s listed as a mezzo. Although I don’t think this has anything to do with Arkiv’s webpage, I do remember reading someone – I cannot remember where or when – theorize that she might be a mezzo in disguise. This question I leave to the experts, although I will say that if she is only pretending to be a soprano, she’s done an awfully good job with that.

9 thoughts on “Weekend 12-2-12

  1. Fauxsoprano? Yes, she certainly does a good job of hiding it. I guess her darker tone might throw someone off. I don’t think she really has the low notes to be a true mezzo, though. (I mean that in the nicest possible way!)


    1. Nah, I don’t think she’s a mezzo either – I don’t know jack about singing in technical terms, but I can tell that the middle of her voice is higher than the middle of, say, DiDonato’s or Garanca’s or Kasarova’s voice. When she goes down to a G below middle C, it’s definitely “soprano at the rock bottom of her range” rather than “mezzo”


  2. Nice that HMU has found a way to keep it on the market, just wish it wasn’t in a box with three other discs I already own. But reading the Arkiv notes on her o/p disc was interesting. I’d forgotten she had recorded for Dorian. Wish those guys were still around.


      1. I’m not sure, it happened after I left the biz. At some point the catalogue was sold to Sono Luminus, so much of it (including the Roeschmann stuff, I believe) is still in print, but it’s all moved to VA.

        Dorian was cooking on all burners for a long time, so they may have just overcommitted. A lot of small indie labels went the way of all flesh about the time that people were figuring out how to burn copies for all their friends. Too bad, because along with the label Dorian ran a pretty great concert series just across the river.


        1. So I ran into a fellow assimilant in the stairwell of the Borg Cube today, and I said, “So, what the hell happened to Dorian?” “Oh,” says he, “it would take three pints to tell that story.” Which I figure I’ll have to buy him, because his thumbnail synopsis involved the phrases “…horrific meltdown…” and “…but the judge said…”.


  3. I bought the Deusche Arien recording from Amazon about a year ago. It was probably a reprint as it is in a cardboard box rather than jewel case; but who cares as the contents are perfect…


    1. I bought it back somewhere around 2003 or so, and it says printed in 2000, so I think the cardboard box might be the original packaging – maybe HM was going eco-friendly. The contents are indeed perfect. If someone told me I could keep only, say, 10 of all of my CDs, this would be on that list.


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