The WordPress snow is back! I like the snow. I was inspired by the animated snow to try to find a clip on YouTube of Vivaldi’s “Winter” violin concerto, but I ended up disappointed. There were a lot of recordings that sounded schlumpy, even more where the violinist seemed to be tearing through the solo part as fast as possible just to prove he or she could – and in nearly all cases the recording sounded tinny to me. Possibly Vivaldi’s Op. 8 concertos simply make me grumpy. I played them as a student, both the solo part for my violin lessons and the orchestral parts in youth orchestra, and the pizzicato bit in the “winter” occasionally charms me but most of the time makes me want to punch something. Then again, the first movement of “spring” is even worse, as far as desires to commit violence are concerned.

Here is Anne-Sofie Mutter playing the concerto in question with the Berlin Philharmonic. Winter begins at 34.28.

And in case you had the same thought as I did when playing the video, rest assured that someone else did too:

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 8.37.33 PM