Friday Spree

Well, yours truly is in Los Angeles at the moment. Not to hear music, unfortunately, but to go to a conference. It’s one of those things where it is entirely unclear to me why I was invited – but I’m here, so I might as well have a good time. And, you know, give a paper and maybe learn some stuff too.

During the ride from the airport to the place I’m staying at, I was listening to Angèle Dubeau play Telemann’s fantasias for solo violin. These are pretty nice. They actually made me wish the traffic had been even worse, so I could have listened to the entire recording. At the moment (i.e. late Thursday night) the only music I’m getting, through a series of walls and other rooms, is from a reception that is going on for another function at this hotel. It’s loud and a bit thumpy, but with luck it’ll go away within an hour or two.