This probably says something about work-life balance, or something of this kind, but when I travel on the weekends and I don’t get my opera in, it really does throw the next few days off for me, in all kinds of ways. Fortunately, all I have to do today is submit some grades, get my car’s oil changed, go to the gym and then I’m home free.

I’m listening to one of Haydn’s violin concertos right now (performed by Augustin Hadelich with the Cologne Chamber Orchestra – another Naxos special) and it strikes me that if someone asked me to name my favorite sound, in terms of music, it would probably be the sound of the violin. The human voice – or certain types of classically trained human voice, at least – would be a close second. I’m not sure what would be third or fourth.

15 thoughts on “12-10-12

    1. Most gut-strung baroque things, all together in a wooden room. Also hardingfele, certain types of bagpipe (the polite ones), nyckelharpa, hurdy-gurdy (not the polite ones), hardingfele, kamancheh, sarangi, erhu, hardingfele…I guess there’s a theme. Can’t say the human voice w/o breaking it down by singer. Which I guess is one of the reasons why opera is so interesting – every voice is an instrument completely different from its peers.


        1. Nuts? Moi? Very possibly. But…but…sympathetic strings — what’s not to like as long as you are not the one who has to tune them?


            1. Really? I knew some huskies once who liked to sing along with Joan Sutherland. These cats here don’t sing but are pretty conservative in their tastes: Mozart, Verdi and Strauss. Also Nina has a particular enthusiasm for Tony Barrand singing Sweeney Todd the Barber, but I think that’s more to do with the subject matter.


      1. I’m of two minds about gut strings. I like knowing how they sound, but for extended listening I prefer the modern kind – at least on a violin.

        It’s true, “the human voice” is a pretty unwieldy category. I guess after violins I would put “various operatic voices that I personally like a lot” – which tend to be mezzos and sopranos.


        1. Is that because of the intonation issue or just you like the sound of modern strings better? And is it your birthday? Well then, happy birthday!


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