12-24-12 (some mild grousing and a little anticipation too)

I dodged a bullet this evening – tiredness allowed me an excuse to go home early from a party where they were playing, on repeat, Frank Sinatra singing Christmas songs. Frank Sinatra singing Christmas songs – or even Frank Sinatra singing in general – is one of those things that I simply loathe. I cannot for the life of me see the appeal of it. It somehow manages to be both boring and irritating – it’s music to pose to, not music to listen to. Can’t we have some of Bach’s Christmas oratorio instead?

Party-related grouchiness aside (why can’t more socializing be focused around things like, say, hanging out with three or four people you know and whose company you truly enjoy rather than, say, twenty people you don’t really know and have to make idle chit-chat with? I am way more fun to hang out with and I have much more energy when I don’t have to deal with large numbers of superfluous individuals whose names I have to remember) I have both a DVD of Lucia di Lammermoor to look forward to and Les Troyens at the Met on the 26th. I’m excited to hear Troyens live – given the scale of the thing, it’s probably pretty exciting, and we’ve got Susan Graham as Dido!

And, you know, happy Christmas and all that! I’m going to spend the day doing nothing and hanging out with one, or at most two people. If we can find all the ingredients, there might even be Glühwein.

14 thoughts on “12-24-12 (some mild grousing and a little anticipation too)

  1. Endless Sinatra Loop v Christmas Oratorio was Friday’s Borg Cube soundtrack. Weihnachtsoratoriumsgrossartigkeit everywhere, Sinatra-man’s ears were bleeding it was so cool. \m/ \m/

    Happy Troyens Boxing Day


  2. I am also hopeless with large parties. I cannot block out all the chat and concentrate on one conversation so I avoid these events and am regarded as aloof. So no gatherings for me and no music either as I am up-to-the-gills with Christmas stuff. Enjoy your break.


    1. Nor I, it all becomes a buzz in my ears and all intelligent speech goes out the window. But I’m lucky in that my break is only 7.5 hours long, so my social captivity is endurably short. Hope your Met foray provides a respite from the noise.


    2. I think people regard me in the same way re aloofness –
      I suspect the world is run by people who love big parties and don’t really get that not everyone finds them exciting.

      I hope it’s enjoyable Christmas stuff you’re up to the gills with and that there will be more music soon!


      1. I suspect the world is run by people who love big parties

        My workplace is a bit like that. People love things like gift exchanges and pot lucks. I’m not a huge fan but I’m a manager and so have to do the “team” thing.


    1. It’s very quiet here too – the extent of the excitement today may be either laundry or Donizetti.

      Which production of Platee is it? I’ve only ever seen/heard it once, at the NYCO ages ago, and it seemed pretty silly (in a fun way) to begin with.


  3. O weh I’m also off to a party with distant relatives of my husband’s that I’ve never met. I’m hopeless at small talk. I’d far rather watch Paul Agnew camp it up in Platée,


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