Weekend 12-29-12

I’m not sure what to do! The library has closed until I think Wednesday, and since the campus post office has also shut down, and the DVD I had coming in the mail (that Met Rodelinda) was going to my work address, the DVD will also be hostage until Wednesday. My impulse is to watch something over again, but I’m not sure what. Either that or I will have to trawl YouTube for complete operas.

Or I could do something useful instead, like laundry or changing the lightbulb in the kitchen that has been out for a month, or scrubbing the bathtub. Or I could read something. I downloaded Sir Walter Scott’s The Bride of Lammermoor and I have every intention of reading it – although I suspect I should have done so last night, which was literally dark and stormy. Howling wind, rain, the works. Missed opportunities, you know?

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