I feel like I should have more of Anne Sofie von Otter’s recordings on my phone for some reason


(My phone at the moment is more of a “Beethoven box” or possibly “string quartets box” than an Otter box or even an opera box. Also. With regard to cases for said phone: the options seem to be made for either eleven-year-olds – glitter, sparkles, cartoon characters – or construction workers: holsters, lots of grippy rubber, etc. I have nothing against either of those categories of individual, as I was myself once eleven years old, and my father is a plumber, which falls into the general “people who often work at construction sites” category. However, I would like a case for my stupid phone that is a bit rubbery, but not too rubbery, and is maybe green instead of purple. Or maybe I could quit dithering about phone cases and do something useful, like write about Strauss’s Salome . . .)

4 thoughts on “I feel like I should have more of Anne Sofie von Otter’s recordings on my phone for some reason

  1. I like my Otterbox, but it admittedly looks a bit utilitarian in black. I need one that is very bouncy, as I have a habit of dropping my phone.. or knocking it off the table, though the back of the rubber Otterbox is pretty grippy.


    1. I’ve never dropped my phone on a hard surface – but enough of the undergraduates seem to have perfectly functional phones with cracked screens, so apparently they still work after a whack or two!

      I almost got black, but it looks weird to me with the white phone for some reason. So it was either purple or camouflage (ah, first world problems . . .)


      1. Ah well, there you go. You shouldn’t have gotten a white phone. I haven’t dropped this one much. I had an iTouch that survived the first several falls, but the last one concrete in a parking garage did it in. Another one drowned (it’s a short, but embarrassing story.) So I am on my third Touch, and my first iPhone. The Touch barely holds a charge, but its handy for carrying 28+ gigs of music and ripped-from-youtube video..


        1. For the really heavy lifting as far as music packing goes I still have my old iPod (the really old kind, with the click wheel). It holds 160 gigs, and even my entire music collection hasn’t gotten that big yet. Although it is slightly embarrassing whenever I stop to consider exactly how many small electronic devices I end up carrying around with me on a daily basis. How did I ever manage to get through high school and college and most of graduate school without even a cell phone?


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