Something further to enjoy

That is, in addition to persistent thoughts on the subject of Regie versions of Donizetti operas.

I acquired two CDs that I’m looking forward to hearing – although I’m not sure why I even buy discs anymore rather than just the files from Arkivmusic or iTunes or whatever. Habit, I guess. And there are some things that are not available in download form (one of the albums below is, but the other as far as I know is not).


The Brahms one is not stolen from a library – or if it is, I didn’t steal it. (It’s marked as a discard.)

I am actually kind of on the fence about going completely digital with my music. Or at least completely data rather than objects – CDs are pretty digital, after all. Part of is that all the CDs I’ve bought over the years are in rows on shelves in my living room, and some of them are attached to happy memories. My first real plunge into opera was while I was in graduate school, and I had either the pleasure or the misfortune, depending on how you look at it, of going to graduate school in central Jersey. There is a town in central Jersey called Princeton, which has – among other things – a really fantastic used record store. Their used classical/opera section is drool-inducing. And cheap. So : the CDs that still have the little “Princeton Record Exchange” stickers? They are not leaving my shelves, ever. This, though, is not really a good argument for continuing to buy CDs in general.

Finally. Our spring break is the week of 11 to 15 March, which is the week that the Met is doing Don Carlo! I’m totally going.

9 thoughts on “Something further to enjoy

  1. The Chesky people have put up a site for hi-res downloads (ie everything in flac, wav, aiff, etc), which is an interesting new option — solves some problems on the dl front and creates others (space). But the Borg Cube audiophiles are all abuzz. Thought I might do an experimental dl — they have JDD’s new one, but also some old Dorian titles of interest (wonder who gets the $ for those?).

    Congratulations on getting in both this season’s Schiller operas 🙂 I’ll be celebrating IWD early at Don Carlo.


    1. Just read Stereophile article on the Chesky records downloads – nice! (I tend to rip things for the iPod at 320kbps, which sounds fine to me, but the lure of the uncompressed file remains). Makes me want to go out and buy a bigger hard drive.

      Yeah, looking forward to Don Carlos! Not sure which day I’ll be going, but I haven’t seen this opera live in forever, so I’ll be happy to hear it again. (Besides: I think we get Vargas as Carlo – I plan to enjoy that.)


  2. I really like that Brahms recording. I got it by accident, It wasn’t identified but it was a cheap download. Later I was able to identify it. Of course at that time, I still was not initiated into the Cult of the Röschmann, so I didn’t even know who she was. I once was lost, but now I’m found…


    1. I’ve been unable to listen to the Brahms as of yet – I didn’t bring my laptop with me on this jaunt, and there is no CD player in my immediate vicinity. So the music is locked away for the moment. But I’m looking forward to it.

      Is it a cult? You’re right, I think it might be kind of a cult. (Though I have not yet run across any internet references to “rabid Dorothea Röschmann fans”)


          1. The Cult of the Röschmann is much too refined to ever be rabid…I will work on the handshake.


            1. That’s true – both she & her fans are too classy for adjectives like rabid. I’m trying to think of an appropriately refined substitute. Her fans are not rabid, but …[someone fill in the blank]


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