Violin guilt

I always feel a little ping of excitement when I find my car again in the airport parking lot and it starts. Ever since that one time that it didn’t (which was my fault; I have concluded I left an interior light on) it’s like a little gift every time. Even though I had to beep the lock several times and locate it by sound this time around because I forgot where I left it. I wonder if there’s a way to get my car horn to play “scherza infida”?

And this was after I ended up on the same flight home as a colleague of mine, who plays the violin and has this slightly bizarre resemblance to Andrew Manze. To the point where I have almost called him “Andrew” even though his name is not Andrew. He always asks me if I’ve gotten my violin out again. This makes me feel bad, because I haven’t. It’s in my house, and sometimes I’m tempted to take it out, but I know that my technique has gone to shit and part of me does not want to know how bad it is.


Having written the above, I went and got it out. It still works. My ears still work. My body still knows what to do with it – odd how it’s more physical memory than anything else. I don’t know where my tuning fork has gone, so I may have tuned it to not-quite-A440, but it’s in tune with itself, at least. And I can still play a D major scale.

20 thoughts on “Violin guilt

  1. D major scales are so handy. I write music, but haven’t lately, and I get the same twinge when someone asks me about it. Go you, for getting it out and playing a bit!


    1. The thing is, I’m never sure how much I really miss playing and how much is pure guilt. Though some of my best memories from high school involve orchestra, so there must be something to it. We’ll see how long this impulse lasts!


  2. Haha, I just came home from my flute lesson half an hour ago. After not playing my instrument since approximately 100 years, I started six months ago with a training course for returners. We play really, really easy pieces of music and because of that it’s horrible how often we (hm, I) play wrong notes, but —- IT’S SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! So I must say to everybody with an “neglected instrument”: just do it again! 🙂


    1. I think the hardest part is picking it up again after such a long time. I know that my university offers lessons via the music department very cheap to employees – maybe I will look into that!


      1. I have found it even harder starting a new instrument at An Advanced Age – especially one where being a musician or even a music reader is no advantage at all.


          1. Ophicleide = comedy comment.
            Northumbrian Smallpipes = wrestling with an octopus, admittedly a small one + built in its own pitch…. about 20 cents sharp of concert F.


  3. I began playing violin for the first time in my life in January. And when I came around to getting a better instrument, I made the purchase in January. Must be something about January that motivates us. 😉


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