Wednesday madness

Well, this is going to be an interesting day. I am about to engage in a slightly stupid caper that if all goes well will end with a song recital – wish me luck! (In case you’re wondering: I do have a job, but most of it is portable. I will spend my afternoon reading a job candidate’s dissertation and writing next Tuesday’s lecture.)

[Update: made it to New York without a hitch. Now all I need is a lot of coffee and thicker tights – it’s 16F right now!]

The brilliant thing about this is that even if anyone at work wonders where I am, they are likely to conclude “Earworm is sick” or “Earworm is working at home today” – I can pretty much guarantee that “Earworm has fucked off to New York for a Lieder recital” will occur to precisely no one. Because what kind of crazy person would do that?

7 thoughts on “Wednesday madness

  1. The New York State Department of Recreation, Tourism & Living a Little, Bureau of Swanning Out of Work at Noon to Go to the Opera, completely endorses this kind of activity.


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