Weekend 1-26-13

This has certainly been an interesting week. You know, what with the beginning of spring term and all. And one or two other things.

I picked up an unexpected souvenir in New York. In addition to experiencing brain-bashing cold the likes of which I have not encountered since the New Jersey days, I managed to bring a virus home with me. Fortunately it did not make its presence known until the day after the concert, but I swear on the last part of my flight home I was terrified that my eardrums would rupture my head was so congested. (This happened to a colleague of mine at a previous institution. She plays the cello, so I guess she recovered fully from the damage, but still – not something one wants to have happen.) So between the cold and the cold medicine I was in a fairly zombielike state on Friday. I intend to sleep for most of this weekend, but I’m going to try to work in Vivaldi’s Orlando Furioso and maybe some Berg.

And I have a bit of a dilemma. Our music department has a singer in residence this year, an opera singer, who is giving a recital at our performing arts center on Sunday. But since I guess the organizers were worried that opera music might not fill the concert hall, she’s doing a program that’s mainly show tunes and Great American Songbook type stuff, which isn’t usually my thing. So I am on the fence about going. But my colleague who resembles Andrew Manze sent out an impassioned email on Thursday asking us all to go to this concert because the university orchestra will accompany her, and ticket sales go to support scholarships for music students . . . and I guess I’m going, aren’t I. So much for the dilemma.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 1-26-13

  1. Maybe people will love the “pops” concert so much, they will come back for an opera (or mixed) program. On the other hand, you could just write a check to the scholarship program.

    I am working on cleaning out the storage unit (ick) this weekend, but taking an iPod and radio (I forget what the Met is broadcasting today).

    Based on your review a while back, I picked up those Beethoven String trios. I noticed that Trio Zimmerman also recorded the Mozart Divertimento, K.563 so I downloaded that the other day. that will probably be my “work” music before the opera starts. Of course, I also picked up the three-buck Lohengrin from Amazon, and though I’ve heard (not listened) to most of it, that’s on the little blue Nano in case I get tired of Mozart… OMG What am I saying? Could anyone POSSIBLY get tired of Mozart? not me!!!

    Have a good weekend.


    1. Maybe they will! According to my “Andrew Manze” colleague and my other colleague who likes opera, she’s got a great voice, so maybe she’ll make some converts who’ll come back for different material. I bought a ticket last night. Even if it’s not my favorite style of music – bums on seats, etc.

      I really like the Zimmerman Trio’s recording of K563 – that CD was the first time I ran across them. Even the fact that I listened to it on repeat for at least two hours before a job interview a few years ago to calm myself down hasn’t spoiled it for me!


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