Uh oh

According to NPR people who listen to classical music in the car drive erratically. Apparently one of the safest things to listen to is Coldplay.

I’ll take the car accident instead, thanks.

5 thoughts on “Uh oh

  1. Maybe it is the excited hand waiving thing that occasionally happens when listening to classical music; or the tempo changes…


  2. Actually I usually listen to NPR in the car (in the morning); but never to Coldplay. Sometimes I will choose some classic (1975-1980) disco. Otherwise my main choice is classical music (Opera, symphony, chamber) and I usually don’t find that my driving suffers. On the other hand, I was listening to a bootleg of Idomeneo with JK this morning and drove right past my exit. oops.


      1. I have made a “no Lieder recitals in the car” rule for precisely that reason. (In my case, I forgot to turn where I was supposed to and had to go the long way round.)


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