Rest assured that the tortoise was not detonated

Still working my way through that Dvořák CD (it’s a two disc set). I got to the last item on the program, the Op. 47 bagatelles, and a few minutes into it had one of those WAIT A MINUTE WHAT THE HELL IS THAT moments.

Turns out it was a harmonium!

In other musical news : because someone knew someone, the Bulgarian State Opera came here to perform at the university arts center several summers in a row. According to my opera-fan colleague: “the guy singing the duke in Rigoletto had a really heavy Bulgarian accent, but my wife [his wife is Italian] was the only one who noticed.” I am not making this up, and I sure wouldn’t complain if they came back.

Also, I discovered that a book that I thought was not on the shelf at the library and thus missing is actually checked out to me, in the sense that I have it, but not in the sense that it is in the system as being checked out (honesty test! The circulation desk needs to be more careful about scanning things) – and, finally, courtesy of a colleague who told me a wonderful story about her and her brother sneaking their pet tortoise along on a trip from Egypt to London as children: in an x-ray machine, a pet tortoise in a backpack looks very much like a grenade.

4 thoughts on “Rest assured that the tortoise was not detonated

  1. I think that’s why I get frustrated with folks who complain, say, about Domingo’s German pronunciation. I mean, his English is pretty heavily accented.

    I love those Bagatelles. Someone orchestrated them, which, as an organist, I find offensive! 🙂

    Are you stealing library books again?


      1. So now you have a moral dilemma? Just keep it, or sneak it back onto the shelf, or take it in and point out how their system failed? Or forget about it and listen to the Dvorak Bagatelles again.


        1. Definitely not keeping it – this is not just a library book, but a library book that I specifically asked the library to buy, because it’s an important book and we didn’t have it before. So, my plan is to go over there today and actually check it out. (I wish I could just go back to Dvorak – but this afternoon is the Afternoon For Reading Miscellaneous Stuff and Then Going to A Talk.)


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