Hey . . .

If anyone knows where to find a replay (or a recording) of that broadcast from Rome on Rai3 Monday afternoon/evening of the concert that included Dorothea Röschmann singing Strauss’s Four Last Songs, let me know. The stream didn’t work for me – I got bits of it, at about four minute intervals! Not the end of the world, but a little disappointing all the same.

6 thoughts on “Hey . . .

  1. And I missed it altogether. These things will often pop up elsewhere among the European stations, so we should keep an eye to operacast.

    Sometimes (though not always) switching browsers will help with a dodgy stream.


    1. I think it was the station’s fault in this case – they even interrupted once briefly to say they were having difficulties! Or it may have been both them and something on my end. Ah, well. You’re right, with luck it may pop up again somewhere.


      1. Ah, yeah. RAI can be like that. Plus their bitrate is kinda low for this day and age, so fingers crossed it’ll show up somewhere on a nice, fat, rock solid stream.


  2. a tiny chunk popped up on YT in the form of in-house capture. sometimes i probe YT too where avid fans put up whole arias/song cycle from broadcast within 1 wk (to 1 yr) of concert.


    1. I found a few pieces on YT this morning – I think it may have been the same one you saw. Video by someone sitting on the right side of the auditorium, so that Pappano was basically between the camera and DR?


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