Weekend 2-9-13

Jesus H. Christ, one would think I struck a deal with the devil or something – I’m not sure what I gained in return, but the price appears to be eternal sickness of minor kinds. On the bright side, the sickness (a painful sore throat) is minor enough that I can go to the gym and drink beer and hang out with my colleagues, so, well: Dear My Larynx: fuck you, too. And the horse you rode in on.

I have been occupying myself cleaning the Wormhole (i.e. my house) and anticipating a DVD of Gluck’s Alceste with – among other highlights – Anne Sofie von Otter as Alceste. I still have not been able to locate that Guth production of Gluck’s Iphigenia which the library catalog steadfastly maintains that we own, but the next time I am in the library I am going to set the bloodhounds on it. Part of me is starting to wonder if the purported existence of this DVD is some kind of elaborate practical joke embedded in the library catalog, like bits of the index of Pale Fire but I think this would be crediting the catalogers with slightly more active malice than is probably fair.

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      1. Some algebraist dude complained that he wasn’t mentioned in Halmos’ book so in the second edition he appears in the index with the page reference pointing to the page in the index.


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