One of those weeks

Well, I finally scared up that DVD of Gluck’s Iphigenie en Tauride that the library claimed to have. Turns it was mis-shelved. I also went looking for a Lohengrin, but all we’ve got is a really old one from the Met. I mean, I knew they wouldn’t have the one with all the rats, but . . . actually, I was kind of hoping for the rat one. Even though I knew I would be disappointed.

Other than that it has been obscure baroque opera all the way this week. You know how sometimes you buy things, and then you forget about them for say, three or four months, and then you see them, and then you feel guilty? And so then you end up listening to Telemann for like three hours out of a sense of obligation? (Or perhaps I am the only person to whom this happens.)

10 thoughts on “One of those weeks

  1. Um, I think you’re the only one who listens to Telemann out of a sense of obligation. On the other hand, there’s a lot of other music that would be more of a trial. I admit I know none of Telemann’s operas. I guess I should check them out.

    We need to find you a way to see the Rat Lohengrin. It’s awesome! Oh, man! Now you have me thinking about Lohengrin again. I need to enter a 12-step Lohengrin program.


                1. I ripped the disk with MakeMKV which is great but produces a 30GB MKV file. I’ve been using a variety of software including Handbrake to try to produce something a bit more transportable.


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