Technical frustrations

The computer that I use at home to watch dvds has decided that while it will display subtitles while the dvd player window is small, it will not display them in full screen mode. Or it won’t display them consistently.

Clearly, the solution is for me to suck it up and become completely fluent in French, German, and Italian. Immediately. (Or, alternately, I could listen to nothing but Handel oratorios and Benjamin Britten operas for the foreseeable future. And while I like both Handel and Britten, this is not necessarily a proposition I am prepared to commit myself to. I suppose there’s also John Adams, though. And all those ENO productions in English. Even so, this seems sort of extreme as a solution to a software problem.)

10 thoughts on “Technical frustrations

        1. The German department might be, but I suspect the registrar’s office might have a little bit of a Wutausbruch, and the last time someone from the college of arts and sciences caused one of those, we all got a very sternly worded email from the dean.


  1. what about vlc? i have a differnt issue that vlc would just pick randomly the subtitles (and it jumps between the .VOB files) so you have to cycle through the listed subtitle files @ every jump to figure out which one is english!


    1. Maybe I will try that – looks like vlc is a useful thing to have anyway. I’m hoping that this is a software thing and not, like, my dvd player has begun to physically disintegrate somehow! (It’s a very old laptop – at least 5 years.)


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