Friday Travels

Well, I am off to the big city again today. Not for another recital – or, rather, not specifically for a recital. I do have tickets for some music on Saturday, but the main purpose is my usual personal reasons for being in/near New York on a regular basis. I was hoping I might get to see the Met’s Parsifal, but the scheduling gods did not permit. (It occurs to me that if I leave for spring break a day early on March 8th, I might make it to the city in time to catch the last performance. This would require purchasing a ticket pretty much right now. And I’m afraid that I would have to leave so early in order for it to work that I might fall asleep during the performance, and that would just be embarrassing. I mean, I did not fall asleep during that one recital I went tearing into New York to hear a few weeks ago, and that required similar great earliness of awakening, but 1. song recitals are shorter than Wagner operas and 2. that was just a different situation in a more general kind of way.)

So, I may end up consoling myself with Lohengrin and/or some Verdi. Or that Fleming/Graham recital that is (neat!) now available from Carnegie Hall’s website.

[Update: I caved and bought the Parsifal tickets for March 8 – it was almost sold out. So, way back of the orchestra section here I come!]

7 thoughts on “Friday Travels

  1. Thanks for the tip about the Fleming/Graham program. I am working my way through the DiDonato master classes. very fun, cool and not boring. So, have a safe journey to NYC and back. I look forward to tales of your travel.


    1. No exciting tales so far – except for one really nice young lady on my flight from Atlanta to JFK, who as she was leaving thanked all the flight attendants and said she’d had a great flight. She sounded so completely sincere about it that it made me feel better about human beings in general.


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