Back again

I’m disappointed that I had to miss the concert performance of Handel’s Radamisto at Carnegie Hall yesterday afternoon, but what with travel not yet being instantaneous, I could not go to the city because I had to go to the airport. (Auto correct note: the WordPress IOS app likes to correct “what with” to “ah tartar.” This is one of those things that is probably best left alone.)

And of course one cannot spend all one’s time mucking about going to concerts. Lectures must be written. Papers must be graded. Bootlegs must be listened to; neighbors must be annoyed. (Autocorrect says they must be “frittered.” I think we should maybe start with annoying the neighbors and put the deep-frying on the back burner, as it were : this is not Hannibal Lecter’s Opera Blog. “It rubs the stage blood on its skin, or it gets the hose again”?)

3 thoughts on “Back again

    1. Gotta love auto-correct. Looking forward to your impressions of the bloodbath. So glad you got to hear MK, and sorry to hear you missed Radimisto. It’s such a bummer when work interferes so much with our lives. 🙂


      1. Yeah, although I do feel like a brat for complaining about missing one when I did manage to see the other! I think I’m going to try to do that less often.

        Yeah, auto-correct. I think stray is right. Dadaists at work.


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