Music for devising exam questions

I need to find some. To match the midterm exam, it should be terrifying if you have not prepared in advance, and yet also a thing of beauty as to its internal structure, and although perhaps intimidating at first, when you look back on it later you wonder why you were so frightened of it. (Unless of course you did not prepare, in which case the recollection of the moment you faced it and read your own inadequacy in its eyes will stalk you in your dreams and turn every cup of Natty Lite to gall.)

Perhaps some Wagner?

6 thoughts on “Music for devising exam questions

  1. If Wagner, it would have to be the Descent into Niebelheim.

    Alternatively, second Rob’s Mahler suggestion. Or the Shostakovich String Quartet #8, hairy and bleak, i.e. what life will be like if they don’t pass this exam.


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