It must be a conceptual album of some kind


Next in the series: 74 minutes (audio only) of Nikolaus Harnoncourt thinking.

15 thoughts on “It must be a conceptual album of some kind

    1. True. The more I hear his conducting the more I admire it. (I’m thinking about breaking my no new acquisition for 30 days rule to get a copy of the DVD of the Salzburg King Arthur.)


  1. I like Jacobs the singer and I like Jacobs the conductor, but I do sometimes wish he was better at separating the two when he’s on the podium.


    1. I like Jacobs the conductor more – though this may be lack of exposure to Jacobs the singer. I have only heard his voice once, in the Scarlatti oratorio “il primo omicidio” where he sang the role of god. How/when has he tended to mix the two up too much?


        1. oh? (while we @ it, can you recommend a good set of headphones? mine has been broken into pieces since last year but still barely functioning…)
          He has a very clear dutch accent when speaking english (said my german friend, while we were listening to him talking about “noise” in magic flute). I just learned last wk he also shaped the career of Bernarda Fink (in addition to Vivica Genaux’ of course).. As singer, his recording of Pergolesi Stabat Mater is one of my favorites.


          1. I’ll have to take a listen to the Pergolesi – I’ve already got two recordings of it at the moment, so one more can’t do any harm!

            I could use some headphone recommendations too. At the moment I’m using little in-ear buds (not the kind that come with the iPod, but just barely one step up) and while easy to transport they are not doing the trick in terms of sound.


          2. ps- i’ve owned the sony mdr-v300 for the last 13 yrs and loved it: quite light, quite nice sound, doesn’t squeeze on ears (since i wear glasses if too tight grip = squeeze frames on back of ears = big headache; also if too heavy can hurt neck!). but maybe stray can also recommend something better…
            also, that entire pergolesi is on yt, it’s not nesc his take alone, but i love the tempo, the tone, the contrast of voices (boy soprano & CT) etc, so i think credit also must go to orchestra + conductor…


            1. Can’t say I have much wisdom to contribute because I’m using a pair of hand-me-down Lafayettes that probably pre-date both of you. And I can’t speak at all for earbuds or in-the-ear phones because I have the wrong kind of ear construction for either of them. But for over-the-ear models, I’d say avoid anything that was designed for iPods — they’ll keep mp3’s sounding like mp3’s, and make your CDs sound that way too. And beware of pressure-fit headphones that have too much pressure, bc along with the problem Dr T describes, they can distort your ear canal and mess up the sound. If the only way you can get the bass is by opening your mouth and shifting your jaw slightly to the left, this is not the pair you want.

              Ideally you find a bricks n’ mortar place where you can test models out along the price range. (And if you do find one, let me know, because I will go there.)


              1. I’ll have to try a few of these out (if I can find some place that has them available to try!). I prefer in-ear ones rather than over-ear ones because they tend to block out outside sound more (and because they’re inside the ear, I can turn the volume on the iPod all the way down and still hear it, which saves on the battery life) and I can roll them up and put them in my bag more easily – but I do have a pair of Bose over-ear ones given to me as a gift a few years ago that I really like; the only problem is they’re hard to tote around. Decisions, decisions.


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