Weekend 3-4-13

Stayed up late watching Met production of Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra and on getting to the end my first impulse was to rewatch the third series of Blackadder. Not sure why. Diametrically opposed approaches to the past? (Though they aren’t opposed, not quite – both are very much reading the past through the lens of the present, although in Verdi’s case he and his source for the libretto are both deadly serious, while Blackadder is . . . well, not so serious.)

6 thoughts on “Weekend 3-4-13

  1. The correspondence between Verdi and Boito about proposed scene additions is pretty funny in a Jerry Bruckheimer kinda way.


      1. Yes, then Boito’s initial proposal was sort of like that Eddie Izzard bit “A Room with a View OF HELL!!!1!”.


        1. I will have to read the correspondence! (Re: the Izzard sketch, I am of the opinion that a few flying space monkeys might improve this opera, if introduced at the right moment.)


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