. . . .in March. Better late than never I guess! And here in the northeast snow does not shut everything down, so I will still be heading off to hear Parsifal tonight.


The snow brings with it the knowledge that I have definitely turned into a southerner, at least in terms of clothing. I nearly forgot my hat, and as far as snow is concerned, I am definitely wearing The Wrong Shoes.

7 thoughts on “Winter!

      1. We have it like this outside four months every year, so after a while you start to wish that the snow would melt…


  1. Beautiful! And I am slightly jealous (but in a kind gentle way) of your Met field trip tonight! Enjoy!


    1. I intend to! I’m worried I won’t appreciate it fully because I don’t know the opera very well – but I’m going to not think about that, because worrying about not enjoying something is not the way to have a good time.


  2. Snow only shuts things down in the NE if the media pumps up doom and disaster for a week beforehand. This time they changed it up and said no worries, only 2-4″. Um… But it wasn’t as much fun as the time they said 1-2 and what they really meant was 12. Reading glasses were probably in order on that one.

    But it’s March, so it’ll all be gone by Sunday. Have a cosmic time at Parsifal!


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