Weekend 3-10-13

I managed to get on the plane the other day without putting any dvds in my bag – so it looks like I will be spending some time today trawling YouTube for complete operas. In addition to this, there are some people performing Bach’s B minor mass at Avery Fisher Hall on Friday, and the person I was going to go with has bailed on me, so I have to find something to do with the other ticket or I will be sitting next to an empty seat, and I always feel rather bad when that happens, because in having an unused ticket I have basically deprived someone else of a chance to see the show. (It’s a pretty good ticket, too.)

2 thoughts on “Weekend 3-10-13

  1. Dang! If only I didn’t have to.. you know…work and stuff, I would jump on the train Friday morning and help you out by using your spare Bach ticket.

    Omg OMG!!! I just looked at the website!!!! take your iPhone and record it!!! DR AND ASvO!! (We saw ASvO at Kennedy Center last weekend, singing orchestrated Schubert lieder. I fell in love, and almost fell out of the balcony trying to get closer to the music.)

    I wonder if WQXR might broadcast it…someday…


    1. Ticket still available if you change your mind!

      Ah, that must have been a wonderful experience hearing ASvO singing Schubert – I have never heard one of her recitals live. Neat!

      I am tempted to do a bootleg, but I’m not sure where I’d put the phone (no convenient pockets in concert attire, and recording a performance from the interior of a small leather messenger bag is probably what the scientists call non-optimal) and I’m terrified that I’d get caught! I do not want the crowning experience of my spring break to be getting kicked out of Lincoln Center. (I imagine being picked up by my collar and belt and flung out into the rain by a burly bouncer-type with a Brooklyn accent: “and stay out, ya piecea shit bootlegger!”)


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