Wailing and gnashing of teeth

I have been laid low by a virus. The pattern seems to be that this happens whenever I go to New York and somewhere in the travel arrangements lose one night’s sleep. (After the Met on Saturday instead of going back out to Long Island, sleeping for 30 minutes, and then going back in to the airport for my 6.00am flight, I just went to the airport instead, thus saving myself about $17 in train fare. I do not intend ever to do this again.)

I did learn one thing. I reached Memphis and was contemplating a Red Bull for the drive home. But there was no Red Bull at the shop at the airport. There were various other heavily caffeinated cold drinks, but I am old enough that I am reluctant to try anything crazy and unfamiliar in the “lots of caffeine!” line because I have no idea what my brain might do in response.

So, in lieu of the Red Bull, I went with the diva in the red dress. Drama Queens: it will keep you awake! You know the scene in Wayne’s World where they’re all singing along to “Bohemian Rapsody”? It was very much like that, except I was the only one in the car.