One thing I will say in favor of the south. There is none of that long, awful time between February and early April where you’re cold all the damn time and you just want the cold to end.

Here, it does.


I haven’t worn a coat once since getting back from New York. Yeah! (I love snow, but as a perennially impatient person, I always want to go right from all the pretty snow to the nice warm weather with leaves on the trees, with none of the frigid windy muck in between.)

As for next month’s opera splurge (i.e. visit to my other half who lives near the big city), it’s shaping up to be a Giulio Cesare sort of situation. Fun! Sadly, although Nina Stemme is giving a concert in NY that month, it’s on a Thursday, and I have already skipped class once this term. (I have decided that I will allow myself one day per term in which I may play hooky for musical purposes.) This is the flip side to being able to set your own schedule, I guess. I can take work with me, work until 3 am one day and take it a little easier the next – but there are some things that I have to do and ultimately no one else can be expected to cover for, like the teaching.

9 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. loovely flowers! (though i enjoy it more from a distance) we have sleet turning to slush turning to down pouring rain to hail etc. today, though for avoiding allergy purpose, i’d take slush over flower anyday! and Stemme in april in NY, perhaps it’s time for me to take up friends’ open invitation to visit them!


    1. Poor you! My brother also has spring allergies, and he’s miserable when all the pollen starts floating around. No fun at all.

      If you make it to Stemme’s concert in NY, I’m looking forward to a full report 🙂


  2. We have magnolias but still in bud. The evenings are getting longer, the mornings lighter and I have a song thrush in the back garden – it must be Spring! (although some areas of the UK do have fresh snow)


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