Weekend 3-24-13

I’m re-watching the Claus Guth version of Le Nozze di Figaro. I haven’t seen it in some time, and going back to it I’m noticing things that I hadn’t before. Though in other ways it’s like hiking through a familiar landscape – look, there’s the dead crow! And here is the Epic Cherubino Grope! And around the next corner there is Dorothea Roeschmann singing “dove sono” while walking down a flight of stairs! And the camera at the top of the stairs! How could we have forgotten the camera at the top of the stairs? It’s like that creepy guy who always used to hang out on the second-floor fire escape of your dorm in college and you always wondered what it was he was looking at from up there.

But anyway, it’s all pretty fun. Also, Christine Schaefer has an awesome haircut.

10 thoughts on “Weekend 3-24-13

  1. i just finished this this past week too, first went through part 3+4 (on YT), let sunk in for a week, then part 1+2 (and did notice the dead crow! and groping… poor cherubino.) the singing is really top notch i find. the angel coming to rescue cherubino is interesting as well, almost like the imaginary friend cherubino has to get through post-trauma


    1. It was your comment a few days ago on one of my earlier posts about it that prompted me to watch it again – even now I’m still trying to get a handle on the Cherub/angel character. (Re: groping: Cherubino is going to need a LOT of therapy someday.)


  2. I watch this DVD every now and then. I has become familiar to me but there is still lot I don’t get – which makes it so fascinating.

    The most moving moment is quite at the end of act one, when Cherubim consoles Cherubino after Figaro and Conte have tortured him. Figaro is not that nice character, but strangely I have more sympathy towards Conte than in some other productions; at least he seems to be feeling the pain what his actions are causing.


    1. That’s one of the things I like about the count in this production. He’s in the wrong, but he’s so nervous and distressed about it. And that part at the end of act I where Figaro slices Cherubino’s arm with the glass and daubs the blood on the kid’s face – whoa. I’m not surprised when at the very end of Act IV poor Cherubino just collapses onto the floor.


      1. Also, a pretty useless character like Don Basilio in most of the productions has a really a meaning here: he is shallow enough to be the only one that really can resist the folly represented by Cherubim.


          1. One of the many things I am still wondering about is the mirror image thing happening during one of the Figaros arias. On the left hand side of the stage is the staircase with the wedding dress lying on it, and on the other side side is the same upside down. When a door opens we see another shape of a man (Figaro?) upside down. What is that all about?


  3. OK, with all this chat, now I need to go back and watch the whole thing. That arm-slicing bit creeps me out. But Herr Guth seems to have a thing for cutting (Parsifal, Fierrabras…) Maybe it will be my Holy Saturday activity next weekend. (I was just giggling as I remembered the review with the typo, mentioning throwing a dead cow out the window.)


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