Unexpected Wagner

I am under normal circumstances a tidy and organized person. But occasionally I find fairly startling things in my house. One time it was a house spider that I had to use a coffee can (A COFFEE CAN) to catch and dispose of. Another time it was a monograph by Stephen Greenblatt that, as it turns out, did not belong to me and so I was not responsible for dealing with it either on a theoretical or a practical level. This time it was five-disc boxed set of Kirsten Flagstad singing a selection of baroque arias, some Lieder, and a lot of Wagner.

20130407-002808.jpg I do remember buying this, but I can’t remember when, or what specifically sparked my interest. I don’t object to it at all. I listened to parts of the Wagner this afternoon. They’re nice. I intend to listen to the rest of it when I have time this week. But it makes me wonder what else is lurking in my house that I am unaware of.

10 thoughts on “Unexpected Wagner

      1. I have the complete recording. It’s just odd to my ears to hear someone with a huge voice with quite a lot of vibrato singing Purcell. I haven’t listened to it in a while. Maybe I should have another listen.


        1. Gosh it IS odd. The tempi are funereal and it’s rhythmically absolutely metronomic. Plus Flagstad’s voice is about as diametrically opposed to, say, Emma Kirkby as one could imagine.


            1. I see what you mean. (Also: thanks!) I just listened to “Ah, Belinda I am pressed with woe” and – well, I think if you put a Kirkby-style Dido and Flagstad’s in a room together, they’d probably mutually annihilate in a burst of historically informed radiation.


                1. I can’t listen to that recording. Oh the other hand, I found (in my car) Pinnock’s recording with the wonderful and amazing ASvO! Hooray!


  1. I love finding music I didn’t know I had. It’s like buying a CD and not having to pay for it. Well…maybe not quite. But it IS a found treasure.


    1. It is. I think in my case it was the result of not putting all the CDs onto the computer/iPod, and then realizing that I listen to music mostly via the computer/iPod . . . and so there are things that are actually on the shelves that I haven’t thought about either in years or at all.


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