Weekend 4-13-12

Monstrous regiment of fuckups this week, the last of which ended with me arriving not at JFK at around 11.00 pm Thursday night as planned, but rather at LaGuardia, significantly later. I would not mind all that much, except that LGA is not exactly well served by New York’s public transit system. Also, it has been raining non stop for the past several days.

On the bright side, I managed to catch Giulio Cesare at the Met last night. I would state my impressions now (I am writing this at around three Saturday morning, after a train trip during which some guys vomited a lot of beer and pizza onto the floor of the train, which I could definitely have done without, although of course I am glad in the abstract that they were out there on a Friday night living life to the fullest – carpe diem, etc.) but I suspect the odds are good that it would come out as mostly gibberish with a few glowing references to Natalie Dessay.