Weekend 4-20-12

I’ve been listening to a really old recording of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos (late 1950s/early 1960s). I think one of my next music purchases will be a newer one, just for the sake of variety. And occasionally for the sake of tempo. The recording I have also contains a few of Bach’s violin concertos, and while they are nicely played, there are several moments when I find myself thinking GET ON WITH IT ALREADY.

In addition, I have at last received my replacement ticket for the LA Phil’s Figaro next month. This has got to be the most complex and multi-layered operatic ticket transaction I have ever engaged in. At the conclusion of the most recent maneuver, I asked the very pleasant person I was on the phone with at the Disney hall box office if she knew why there was this problem of partial occlusions of the stage in Act III that had caused the hall to ask people – rather a lot of people – to exchange their tickets. She did:


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