New Horizons in Musical Appreciation

My car has been in the shop this past week (someone backed their bumper into it in a parking lot – minor damage to side of car, no damage to any people) and I very foolishly left all my various device connector cords in it when I dropped it off for repair, so I have been listening to the radio in my rental car on the way to and from work. The options in terms of radio stations around here are country, classic country, contemporary country, christian pop, christian country, contemporary christian country, gospel, and classic rock. I have elected to go with classic rock.

In some ways, the commercials are the most interesting part. They assume that I am likely to want to go to water parks, party in Tupelo (please no), buy used cars based on the monthly payments rather than considering the total cost, and perhaps that I want a professionally done, well-executed tattoo.

The thing is, despite my lack of interest in Tupelo, water parks, and high-interest car loans, I wouldn’t mind a tattoo. Something on my upper arm and shoulder, that could be covered up easily for teaching purposes. (Not that anyone really cares. I have one colleague with tattoos on his arms and another with a nose ring – there is hardly what you would call a preppy dress code around here. Indeed, on the whole I would say that the faculty are more adventurous in this way than the students. Makes me wish I hadn’t taken out all my piercings in college.)

The downside to all this is that I have been arriving at work with Aerosmith songs stuck in my head. Or, the other day, Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry.” On the other hand, look what I found in my US history textbook the other day! I may have inadvertently endorsed Puccini.



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