Missing Pieces

I had one of the marches from Die Zauberflöte stuck in my head for forever yesterday afternoon – and the really frustrating thing was that it was just a snippet, a few bars, and I could not remember what it was. I knew it was Mozart, but that was all. So I just had to wait until I could connect it to something else that reminded me of where it came from. It’s sort of like the inverted musical version of not being able to think of the precise word you’re looking for.

This is quite possibly the most interesting thing that has happened to me all week.

4 thoughts on “Missing Pieces

  1. Know that feeling … I’ve got part of Se all’impero stuck in my head all weak, but after a few measures it always sounded just like Zittre nicht, mein lieber Sohn.


    1. I’ve had that happen to me with Handel arias before. It is entirely possible that every single one of them can somehow be reduced to “priva son d’ogni conforto.”


  2. Until a few months ago I went to our local Sheet music shop whenever a melody stuck in my head like this. The shop-owner knew really EVERY tune, even if you could only whistle three notes!!! Now he has retired and I was searching for an alternative.
    Perhaps this is one: http://www.musipedia.org 🙂


    1. That sounds like a cool shop – there are probably not many places like that around anymore.

      I just looked at the musipedia website – I am going to have to play around with that! (especially the whistling option)


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