Deep thoughts about Wagner

So I have been listening to the performance of Tristan and Isolde that the BBC broadcast last week (thanks to Rob for the tip.) The conductor is Donald Runnicles, and it is a testament to my deep and abiding immaturity that to me the word “Runnicles” sounds like something you might catch via contaminated water in Jamestown in 1610 or so. If you survived, you would emerge from the ordeal a bit crusty and extremely dehydrated.

But it’s a very enjoyable performance.

8 thoughts on “Deep thoughts about Wagner

    1. so a runnicle is a variety of opera-related ass barnacle? (to be cured, probably, with application of bandages dipped in chilled early Italian baroque)


          1. He was described as very much a self serving schemer by Lotfi Mansouri but that may very well be a case of one domestic utensil casting aspersions on the other’s swarthiness.


            1. JK speaks highly of Runnicles. Of course JK is generally quite gentlemanly, and also he is trying to sell the album. (Which, of course he doesn’t really need to do. His Wagner album pretty much sells itself.)

              and wasn’t Mansouri kind of a self-serving… oh, you already said that. just more nicely than I was about to…


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