Tamerlano to be continued at a later date . . .

Because my house was burgled and they took my computer. They left me my stereo, though.


The above is my kicked-in front door. Bummer.

Fortunately they took only small tech items, did no damage except for the door, and all my music was backed up on my work computer.

17 thoughts on “Tamerlano to be continued at a later date . . .

    1. Definitely. And I count myself lucky that they didn’t take anything that would be hard to replace. (Plus, my laptop is like 6 years old and the keyboard doesn’t work right. Good luck fencing that!)


          1. You could add in that terrible Rinaldo set in a Tel Aviv hotel. Or the Tannhäuser where the video director focusses exclusively on Peter Seiffert no matter who is singing (even Jonas Kaufmann!!!!) and it’s obviously very hot, and Peter Seiffert sweats profusely.And I’ve got a appallingly dull Don Giovanni where everyone is having an offnight but that’s OK because you can barely distinguish them in the murky darkness of the La Scala stage.


            1. We could also include the Entfuhrung from the Aix en Provence festival in 2004 where the pasha yells everything and is played by an actor who appears not to know german. (But I’d have to edit out the sections with Malin Hartelius in them, because those were good.)


              1. Wait, wasn’t that Klaus Maria Brandauer? I don’t remember any yelling, and he is German, but I do recall that the video director had a fixation about hands (in fact I think it was the same director as the Tannhäuser). So either way it will do for our “torture by crappy opera DVD” project.


                1. I think that KMB was pasha in a Zürich production with MH and Patricia Betibon. That was no torture at all…


                2. No, I think this one with the yelling was a different production. Matthias Klink as Belmonte – can’t remember rest of cast right now. I remember the version with the director’s fixation on hands – that one I really liked.


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