How to explain it to other people

So, after a few days of getting alternately sunburned and frozen out on Puget Sound, I am back in Los Angeles again. I am staying at the same place I did last week, and when I came back, one of the people who works at reception here recognized me and asked me in a friendly way why I was back.

I felt sort of embarrassed to explain the reason (obsessive opera fandom!) and so I just said something like “oh, it’s a long story.” But the guy persisted, and I ended up explaining that it was to hear some music. I was reminded once again that the number of people who would understand the real explanation for my presence in Los Angeles is, when you get down to it, extremely small. This isn’t a bad thing at all – after all, if everyone got it, it would be that much harder to get tickets! But I do end up feeling a little weird sometimes.

Maybe I should start trying to pass myself off as a drug mule.

7 thoughts on “How to explain it to other people

  1. This contrasts somewhat with a Munich hotel experience where I was asked right off the bat if I was visiting for the Opernfestspiele. Andere Länder, andere Sitten…


    1. Yep. We were in the Queen Mother Cafe, a popular early evening dinner spot near the Four Seasons Centre on Friday. I overhead a patron ask the wait staff whether they could hurry things along because they were going to the opera. The response was “Oh, pretty much everybody in here is going to the opera”.


      1. There’s a cafe near Lincoln Center that’s like that. They pretty much know when in the evening they’ll have to speed up the service – and they have another branch right near Carnegie Hall.


  2. oh, i thought you were gonna say they heard you’re an avid Oprah fan. i got that a couple of times in the US…
    and the guard at austrian custom booth was surprised my stay was *only* for 1 week to see the operas!


    1. Around here I wouldn’t be surprised if someone heard Oprah for opera.

      *Only* a week to see opera! Definitely a different world. (also, that sounds fantastic.)


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