Weekend 6-8-13

Well, I got an interesting call from the county sheriff’s office the day before yesterday. The stuff that was stolen when someone broke into my house a while back? They recovered it. At a pawnshop, here in town. So, both my iPad and my iPod have been returned to me. (They reset the settings on the iPod, but didn’t erase it, so it even still has all my music on it! I have that ‘cover flow’ option switched on, so the first thing I saw when I woke it up was Murray Perahia looking soulful in my general direction.)

The laptop, though, is gone. I have a theory as to what happened to it. It was a Macbook from like 2006 that I got from someone I was living with at the time, and last year my other half spilled Anchor Steam on the keyboard, so the 9 key, the delete key and most of the punctuation didn’t work, necessitating a separate keyboard, and the thing was kind of on its last legs anyway. Also the charger was held together by a piece of red duct tape. (In retrospect, I think this was probably a fire hazard of some kind.) My theory is that the thief realized soon after he left my house what a piece of shit he’d stolen and tossed it out the window of his vehicle right then and there. My computer is probably in pieces somewhere along the side of Route 7. The sheriff’s office had found a different computer, also a macbook, but much newer, and nicer, that they thought was mine but I had to say that no, this one unfortunately does not belong to me.

This calls for a celebration. I’m thinking something exuberant, like Vivaldi.

4 thoughts on “Weekend 6-8-13

  1. Congratulations on recovering at least the good stuff. Isn’t there a way to locate a macbook remotely?


    1. There is, but if I understand it right, I should have set it up before the computer went missing, which I neglected to do. I’d be really happy if the police found the laptop, but at this stage, I think I’m just going to start saving up my shekels to replace it.


  2. Congrats. Shame about the MacBook, though. How about Vivaldi’s oratorio Juditha Triumphans?


    1. That would be an excellent choice. I also have a few other Vivaldi items sitting around that need some attention – I wonder how much Vivaldi I can process in one sitting?


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