Because I am excruciatingly fair-minded extremely thorough one of those people who really hates that niggling feeling of possibly having made an obvious mistake, it occurred to me that in complaining, at length, of the lack of a track/source material listing for The Enchanted Island, I might have missed the obvious. The DVD has extras. Perhaps the list is among the extras?

Alas, no. Deborah Voigt interviews DiDonato and Pisaroni (who, it emerges, had to shave his head to accommodate the wig and makeup; DiDonato, for her part, sees the role of Sycorax as analogous to the way some women in their 40s and 50s have a “shit, I’ve killed myself for my children/partner/job all these years and now I’m feeling like I’m not sure who I am or what I want anymore” moment and decide to make changes in their lives. Fair enough, I guess. Though normally the procedure in that case is not to regrow all your feathers and renegotiate your possession of a small island . . . actually, now that I think about it, she might have a point, there) and there is another clip involving Danielle De Niese that I didn’t watch, and I think if you want to hear the director talk about the concept, you can . . . but there is no track listing.

We’re done with it, now. Promise.

6 thoughts on “Closure

  1. the 1 piece i recognized was with Joyce singing a clip from “il pianto di maria”, but at excruciatingly slow tempo. you might have guessed how i found out about that piece of music 🙂 . but i’m quite surprised they patch things together w/o citing original music source. the show seems popular enough that they’re bringing it back next year at the MET i think.


    1. I can guess!

      I remember at one point seeing a list online of all the arias and sources, but it seems to have vanished. Maybe it’ll reappear if they perform it again. I can see why it was popular – I mean, I went, after all – and if it makes the met a good pile of money to balance out other less popular things, there’s nothing wrong with that.


      1. or even directly to the tune, with better sound 😀
        I agree though, the live experience can be quite more enjoyable, i think mainly because we absorb all the surrounding and take the stage scenes in as a whole. On dvd, they somehow make you focus on what the camera wants to show but the whole perspective can be lost. At least i know where my eyes normally go, and always complain when i see a dvd version afterward with those particular sights missing :-).


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